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Tokyo Game Market 2023 Autumn: Part 1 (Board Games Recommended for English Speakers)

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

"Tokyo Game Market" is the largest event in Japan (Over 1,000 booths will be set up)

where Board Games are sold!

I will also be participating as a customer!

When I posted on the Twitter (New: X),

it was viewed over 7,000 times,

and I received over 50 comments...

As a board gamer who can speak English,

I felt some sense of duty to share it on my blog and YouTube.

I'll be introducing things based on the comments I received,

completely subjectively, like "I like this! It seems interesting!"

I'll also mix in things I think would be exciting if they were in our store.

(We plan to put it in the cafe as soon as we buy it, so please play in "DyCE" cafe.)

By writing this, I'm worried that what I want to buy on the day might be sold out,

but someday, I'll come across it, and I want to introduce Japanese board games to the world.

So, I'll update the blog simultaneously in Japanese and English!

I hope that Japanese board games become even more widely known among people overseas!

So, this time, the following is what I tweeted...

Games that can be played in both Japanese and English

Games that take 45 minutes or less

Liked by girls / Liked by foreigners / Even better if it's hilarious!

DyCE is the first

Board Game × Language Exchange Cafe in Japan!

As Part 1

I want to recommend it to people for English Speakers!

(By the way, I haven't seen the actual products, so please make the final judgment at the venue.)

~~~~~~~~Board Games : Recommended for English Speakers~~~~~~~~~~

① Prejudice Profile (偏見プロフィール)

  Booth: Both days "サ(sa)-17"

   Price: ¥2,000 Time: 10- Players: 2- Age: 12-

Language: Japanese / You can play with foreigners if you translate the topics!

Points to note:  

Judging people by appearance! ?

A cooperative game enjoyable for everyone!

Using cards featuring fictional characters created by "AI,"

participants respond to prompts related to appearance, hobbies, favorite songs, etc.

The starting player then tries to determine if they can identify the AI-generated character

based solely on those responses!

If you try it, you might hear discussions like

"Ah! I understand!" "Huh? Why does that happen?"

Because conversations will be lively, it might be good for studying Japanese / English or languages!


② Your Ranking 7 (あなたランキング7)

   Booth: Saturday "ス(Su)-07"

Price: ¥3,000 Time: 30-45 Players: 3-8 Age: 8-

Language: Japanese / You can play with English speakers if you translate the topics!

Points to note:

It's not just about scoring points by guessing the opponent's ranking!?

From there, creating roles with ranking chips adds a unique twist, which is great!

You can discuss why the other person likes or dislikes something,

making it a potential language learning opportunity in Japanese/English and more!

If you play with someone from overseas,

the differences in perception between countries could make it even more interesting!!


Okonomi (オコノミ)

Booth: Both days "テ(Te)-26"

Price: ¥2,000 Time: 10-20 Players: 2-5 Age: 5-

Language: Japanese / Even without language, you can play if you read the rulebook!

Points to note:

Like making real okonomiyaki, choose ingredients and flip the dough! It's a game!

A game that makes you want to teach Non-Japanese what "Okonomiyaki" is.

The components are so cute, so I thought, "I want to buy it." hahaha


④ Snow Planner (スノープランナー)

Booth: Both days "ト(To)-16"

Price: ¥7,000 Time: 40-120 Players: 1-4 Age: 12~


Japanese / English. Individual boards and each card have both Japanese and English,

and actions are also indicated by icons, so you can enjoy playing with foreigners!

Points to note:

It's quite a heavy game! Perfect for me who likes heavy games too much!

And when it comes to winter, it's skiing!

Become the owner of the hotel on the slope and satisfy the guests!

It seems like it would be a lot of fun during a ski and snowboard trip at night!


Madorite (マドリテ)

Booth: Both days "ナ(Na)-09"

Price: ¥2,000 Time: 10-30 Players: 3-5 Age: 12-

Language: Japanese / If you understand the rules, all actions are indicated by icons!

Points to note:

For those who want to gradually increase the difficulty and challenge themselves in board games!

Create layouts that respond to customer budgets and requests,

aim for more contracts and higher customer satisfaction!

A game unique to Japan with the setting of a Japanese-style room!

and allows you to teach Japanese culture to foreigners who may not be familiar with "tatami"!



Booth: Both days "ノ(No)-62"

Price: ¥1,000 Time: 10- Players: 3- Age: 3- (This is an estimate as there is no notation.)

Language: Japanese / Since action cards are read by everyone, you should be able to play!

Points to note:

Well. I like this kind of silly game too! lol

The person who collects the most pairs wins.

However, the cards also include command cards such as

"Keep your hands raised the whole time" or "Do not show your teeth when speaking"!

With each matched pair, the game becomes progressively more chaotic and amusing.

If you play with good friends, there will be lots of laughter.

The scene is expected to become chaotic! lol

It's even more chaotic if you drink alcohol. It's the best!


For now, this time's

Part 1 (Board Game Edition Recommended for EnglishSpeakers) is the above 6 selections!

If there are board games you're interested in, I'll update this page again!

For those who can't go to Game Market,

try playing at DyCE, a board game cafe in Shibuya!

My wish is for cross-cultural awareness of board games between Japan and overseas.

So, if I have free time, I can also provide immediate translations

for the latest board games from Japan and overseas, so you can play them right away!

The owner is a woman, and the cafe is free-spirited and super casual, haha.

So feel free to enjoy yourself, have fun!


🌎DyCE Global Board Game Cafe🌎

First language exchange

   Board game cafe in Japan

Make friends, enjoy games & practice Japanese in Shibuya!

◆Web & Booking:

◆Google Map: 5min from Shibuya Crossing

2F Sg Building, 2-17-3 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0043TEL: 03-6161-1100




◆X (旧 : Twitter)

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